Meticulous planning has its merits and a big payoff for you. Before we shoot the first frame you will know exactly what to expect during the production process, and how you will be able to get the most out of your new video. Using Video Intelligence, we can meet your immediate video needs and check a few items off of your video wish list, too. We make this happen by producing a video that can be easily repurposed.  

Here's how Video Intelligence works: You need a video overview for your business or an event video for a nonprofit organization. We can shoot, write and edit your main project, and build in shorter videos that can stand on their own. These video shorts are great for social media, Google pay-per-click, video blogs, online magazines or newsletters, Power Point presentations, sales meetings, and the list goes on. It's just one of the ways Feldman Media thinks ahead so you get more.

Preproduction We discuss your budget, video goals and how to best tell your story. We help you identify interview subjects who will add meaning and emotion to your video. Together, we will establish how every aspect of your story will play out. Finally, we create a budget-friendly production schedule that allows us to get the most out of each videotaping day.

Production A thorough production plan will help you feel comfortable and confident on the day we videotape. This allows you to ... be you! It also gives us flexibility, so that if something wonderful and unexpected happens, we can capture it and include it in your story.

Post Production We review each frame of video and log the interviews. Then we write a script for your review. If you request a revision we can provide sound bite options from the video log. Once your video is edited you will receive the first version via Dropbox. We include a round of free editing revisions in your contract, so you end up with exactly what you want.

Real solutions do more than solve problems. They engage possibilities. It's not a solution unless you get results. We want you to experience opportunity with your new video: Opportunity to surpass your fundraising goals, experience record-setting sales, find new clients or customers, or repurpose your video assets. That's why we believe it is vital to discuss the many ways your new video can be used, before your project gets off the ground. We engage possibilities so you have real solutions.

We suggested a novel approach for a UPAF fundraising video and results were over the top. "Why talk", we said, "when you can perform?" Feldman Media negotiated for the use of a classic song, MSO created an original score, and each partner organization performed. UPAF's fundraising campaign was a hit, to the tune of $24,000,000 over two years!  Feldman Media won two national awards with the video, too.

The UPAF video produced by Feldman Media is truly the gift that keeps on giving, which is vital to a fundraising organization. It reflects the creativity and beauty of the performing arts and the essence of why our organization is critically important to the community.
— Deanna Tillisch President and CEO, UPAF